Friday, November 19, 2010

The Goodness of God

While reading my daughter's blog today I realized something. I've always known how good God is! But realizing all over again that God CARES for us is just completely overwhelming! To think what God has done for my little granddaughter in her 9 short years is amazing. Please check out ~Sweet Blessings~ for the story.

All of this has made me realize something else...God cares about the little things in our life...those things that are monumental to us are just specks to Him! I have recently realized that I am missing a fairly large sum of money. This money does not belong to me, it belongs to God. God knows the need I have and the importance of finding it! He cares. I know that God must have a plan and a purpose for this trial. There must be something that God is trying to teach/show me. When I 'listen' to Him, He will reveal the location of the lost money! I am trying to wait and listen patiently...I know He is here!

I am trying to remember that God is in control and that everything I have is His and not mine.  I repent for not being more attentive and diligent with His property!  God forgive me and teach me what I need to learn.  I trust you completely and know that even in the things that are monumental to You, they are nothing but a grain of sand!

Walking the walk and talking the talk,


Jenifer Metzger said...

God is so good. It amazes me that He cares not just for the big things but also the little things in our life. He cares about the allergies, the tiredness, missing money (whether a large or small amount), He cares about all. God is so faithful. I am praying God reveals to you where the money is and that your eyes are fixed on Him for what He is showing you.

Unknown said...

I echo everything Jenifer said. God is so good!