Monday, August 16, 2010

Perhaps I 'think' too much

Well, I haven't posted anything for a bit and I got a phone call from someone that wanted to know why.  I told her that I named the blog 'Nuggets from God' for a reason...that I purposed to 'blog' when God gave me a little nugget.  She proceeded to ask me if during my time with God, does He ever speak to me.  I said, "Yes."  And, so there it was. 

Perhaps I think too much about 'what' I should say here.  Perhaps God wants me to just get in and put 'pen to paper' as it were.  He does talk to me...I see Him everywhere.  I suppose I don't need life changing 'nuggets' to tell you all about. 

She said to me, "You don't always have to be so perfect."  (If she only knew how IMperfect I am!)  And, I guess it's true...I always tend to 'over-think' or 'over-do.'  The one thing I don't want is to make this 'blog' a dumping ground...I don't want to just put junk here...I want to put something that will inspire others or at the minimum, make them think.

So, all that being said, I will try to do better at seeing the little 'nuggets' from God in a way that I can share them with others.  I do believe that God ultimately wants us to share Him with others!

God bless you as you read from the 'nuggets' that God sends my way and remember to walk the walk and talk the talk.

Walking the walk & talking the talk,


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Jenifer Metzger said...

Yes, God speaks to us everyday. We just have to be watching for Him Thank you for posting!