Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Golden Rule

I was reading a daily email I get Simple Truths this morning and it was about the Golden Rule.  Basically, it said that the Golden Rule for Women should be this:  "We need to do unto ourselves as we do unto others."  Wow!  Is that the truth or what? 

I remember as a child, when my whole family - me, my brother and my dad - would get sick...Mama never did...or at least I didn't see that she was sick.  I remember thinking that it was so cool because mama's never got sick!  As I got older and had a family of my own, I realized mama's DO get sick.  We just don't let it affect our family.  After all, if we don't keep the house running, who will?  I know times are different today than they were then and there are lots of daddy's out there that take care of the family, but in my day, mama's were the ones that kept the home running in tip top shape!

Ladies, it is such a true statement...we DO need to treat ourselves as we treat those we love.  Take time to pamper yourself just a little.  The house won't fall apart if you take a nice hot bubble bath.  Think of how gently you care for your newborn.  Don't you deserve that same gentleness?  Of course you do!  Think of how you take the time to clean the house and prepare meals so lovingly!  You deserve the same kind of loving hand, so...DO UNTO YOURSELF AS YOU DO UNTO OTHERS!

Walking the walk and talking the talk,


Jenifer Metzger said...

Very good! I needed to hear this today. Thank you!

Deane said...

Debi, what wise words you have spoken. I hope other women that read this will heed your words. Thank you so much. And, yes, mama's do get sick occasionally.

Dave said...

Such a true statement and there is times when there is hungry kids and dads and only enough for them and all of a sudden mama's not hungry.