Saturday, June 24, 2017

{Illustrated Faith} I AM

The new Illustrated Faith kit came out this week.  There is nothing more exciting than when I see that colorful envelope package in my mail box!  I can't wait to open it!  The theme for this kit is "I AM."  The colors of the kit are gorgeous and complimentary.

Included in the kit you will find:
1 plastic pouch
1 devotional booklet
1 clear stamp collection
1 roll of washi tape
1 magnetic bookmark
2 cardstock sticker sheets
3 tip-ins
1 thank you card from Shanna

In the 14-day devotional booklet, written by Melissa Garcia, you will find such topics as; fearless, free, daughter, patient, loved, strong and several others.   

One of my favorite pieces in the Illustrated Faith kits is the clear stamp collection.  And the one with this kit is no exception.  Each piece of the stamp collection goes with the theme of the kit.  

Next we have the washi tape and magnetic bookmark.  I love the magnetic bookmark.  It is so easy to use and doesn't come off unless I remove it.

The cardstock sticker sheets are amazing.  They are colorful and sturdy.  I love the many different ways to use them.

The tip-ins, or as I call them, the bookmarks, are very cute and functional.  They are full size and even have space for me to write notes on them.  

Next we have the thank you card from Shanna.  I love getting these little cards.  They always match the theme and Shanna is so encouraging! 
And finally, we have the clear plastic pouch where you can store every piece of the kit.  It's the perfect size to put in your purse or to keep in your Bible bag.  And it matches the theme of the entire kit.

This kit, this Illustrated Faith I AM devotional kit, is exactly what I needed.  Being the lead pastor of of our church, I almost never feel like I am...enough or free or patient.  And most of all, I never feel capable to do the job.  But I know that God has called me for such a time as this.  The truth is, I am NOT enough.  I am NOT free.  I am NOT patient.  And I most certainly am NOT capable of doing this job...on my own.  But with God, I can do all things!  

I know this amazing kit will bless you.  To check it out, along with so many other things Dayspring has to offer, just click the banner below!  


The creator of Illustrated Faith, Shanna Noel, has a new line of Dayspring Cards!  They are just adorable.  They are perfect for sending a quick note to a friend or loved one.  They are $2.99 each or you can purchase a set of 10 cards with a clear zippered pouch for $20!!  Boy, that's a great deal...a savings of $.99 per card!!  Just look at these cuties...

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