Monday, October 18, 2010

God answers prayer! Yes He does!

Another blog I follow recently posted about "Sweet Little Blessings."  Funny how God works...I've been thinking about that very thing of late!  I have been praying some very specific prayers for a particular person in my life...and I am beginning to see God at work! 

There is nothing more affirming than to see God working in the life of someone you love or who is close to you.  I know God is at work...24/7/365...but to see Him working is one of the most awesome things I can thing of!  I know that what I am asking God for is a work in's not something that will happen overnight...but I am seeing the progress! 

As my fellow blogger said, "Don't be too busy looking for the big blessings you think God should send you and miss out on His little blessings."  A little at a time is ok with me...and even if it wasn't ok with me, God knows best!

Walking the walk & talking the talk,

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Jenifer Metzger said...

God knows more than we do. I want to see little blessings each day!