Thursday, August 5, 2010

Little Nuggets

Well, I finally did it.  I've considered it for several months but figured that I didn't really have anything worthwhile to say...well, I just figured that when God revealed something to me that it was just for me.  Unless, of course, He specifically told me to share it with someone.  But, after seeing my daughter's blog (Jenifer) and the blog of a friend (Lisa), I figured that perhaps God would have me 'share' this way.  After all, God speaks in many ways.

So, as my first official blog...I will share the 'philosophy' that I try to live my life by:  "Walk the walk of the talk you talk so well."

I have used this statement in raising my children for the past 30 years...I have used this statement in my children's ministry for the past 29 years...I believe that if you are going to 'talk' being a Christian, then you need to walk that talk.  If you are going to go to church or Bible study or where ever you go...then you need to talk the walk.

I don't think I am explaining this very well, but I know that in my life, I watch what people say AND what they do.  Are they walking the same language that they are talking?  If not, it's awfully hard to believe either the walk or the talk.

I want desperately to shine Jesus in everything I, I must walk AND talk the same thing.  If I don't, who will believe me when I tell them that Jesus is the only way and the answer to every problem they may face?

Anyway, that is my thought...nugget...for today.  God bless...and walk the walk of the talk you talk!


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Jenifer Metzger said...

Amen. They will know who you say you are by your fruits! Walk what you talk and talk what you walk.