Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter and the Disciples

It's Easter week...can you believe it?  It seems that it was just Christmas and now it's already Easter!  Time flies doesn't it?

I've been thinking a lot lately about Easter and the Easter story.  Particularly, the disciples.  We always think of Jesus at we should.  But God has been laying on my heart how the disciples must have been feeling.'ve spent 3 years with this man...the Master.  It's been a 24/7 relationship...for 3 years.  Now here you are eating a meal normal...when Jesus starts talking what must have sounded like nonsense.  Imagine for a minute how confused the disciples must have been.  Even after 3 years with Jesus, they had no idea what was waiting just around the corner.

I think of Judas...everyone hates Judas.  Well, Jesus chose 12 men to follow Him and learn from Him.  He didn't choose 11 men and Judas just happen to be around all the time.  No, Jesus CHOSE Judas...just as He chose Peter and Philip and Thomas.  Each of the 12 had their own particular qualities and reasons that Jesus chose them.  God knew before the beginning of time that one day Judas would be born and that Jesus would choose him AND that he would betray him.  It was no surprise to Jesus!

I think of fickle yet he loved Jesus so much.  When Jesus washed the feet of the disciples Peter at first refused to let Him was his.  Jesus told him that if He didn't wash his feet then Peter was not a part of Him.  Peter replied saying...then wash me from head to toe!  Peter loved Jesus so much...and yet he denied even knowing Jesus not once but 3 times!!!  However...think of this...the denial of Jesus was actually a protection for Peter.  Had he acknowledged that He knew Jesus he would have been arrested and probably put to death.  If that had happened...Peter would not have been around to be a part of the Acts 2 church! 

I encourage you to take some time to look at the disciples during this Easter season.  Ask God to help you understand how they must have been feeling.  Yes, Easter is about Jesus and the Resurrection...but the disciples played a part, too!

Have a blessed Easter...remember, He is RISEN!!!

Anchored in Jesus...Serving in His Name!!!


Deane said...

Thank you for this. The disciples had their part to play in the life of Jesus and His ministry. You have given us much to think about and also to pray about.

Blessings to you, Debi and love you.

Jenifer Metzger said...

It is different to think of the disciples but they played an important part. Thank you for this post.