Monday, June 20, 2011

Instruction and Direction

Good Morning!  Yesterday was Father's Day and my sermon in Kidz Klub (Children's Church) was naturally related to that.  All the time during the week that I spent preparing for day I never once put two and two together.  I've preached many Father's Day sermons.  In fact, I've preached many sermons over the  years about this very subject - A Father's Wisdom.  It was only during my sermon yesterday that it hit me...

I tell my kids in Kidz Klub that the Bible is our 'instruction manual.'  How can we know 'how' to live our life unless we read the instructions?  How can we possibly know what God expects of us if we don't read the 'manual?'  Our first text was Proverbs 1:8-9 (NCV):  "8 My child, listen to your father's teaching and do not forget your mother's advice.  9 Their teaching will be like  flowers in your hair or a necklace around your neck."  This is very simple, God is instruction us, as children, to listen to our parents and to not forget the things they teach us.  I explained to the kids what wisdom is and gave some examples, asking them if it was a wise choice or not...such as:  What if I was baking brownies and decided to get the pan out of the hot oven without using an oven mitt or a towel?  Is that a wise decision?  Of course, their answer was no.  Another example I used was what if I decided to stick a fork into an outlet...would that be a wise decision?  The answer to that was an emphatic NO!  Then I asked them, if those things are not 'wise' choices...what IS wisdom. 

Wisdom is: 
     1.  knowledge of what is true or right
     2.  knowing how to live life the right way

So, then we opened our Bibles and read our text in Proverbs 1.  I explained what 'listen' means.  I explained how listening and not forgetting are like adornments - flowers in our hair or a necklace around our neck - are something that helps us to be wise.  After all, when we adorn ourselves with jewelry, what are we trying to complete our 'ensemble' or make us look like we have it all together, perhaps?  This is for men and women.  Although most men don't wear flowers in their hair, I have seen many men wear jewelry.  As we were going through the various explanation all the flowers and jewelry it brought us to another scripture.  Deuteronomy 6:5-6 (NCV).  "5 Love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your strength. 6 Always remember these commands I give you today.  7 Teach them to your children, and talk about them when you sit at home and walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up."  I have read this passage so many times, but when you combine this passage with the one above in Proverbs...well, let's just say I got a huge light bulb over my head and a big WOW!  It may not hit you like it did me, or perhaps you'll say, 'well, duh, Debi!'  But, God spoke to me in the midst of my teaching my kids...The passage in Deuteronomy is 'instructions' to us as parents.  It tells us to teach our children the commands that God has taught us.  And He tells us to teach our kids ALL THE home, away from the house, at bedtime and when we get up!  He leaves no room for us to say, well, it's just not time right now...He basically is saying TEACH THEM EVERY MOMENT OF THE DAY!

So, here's the WOW for me...God instructs us, as parents, to train our kids...then...He instructs our kids to listen and learn from us.  This enables our children to grow into the kind of adult that will teach and train their children.  I have always known that we are to love God, read the Bible and live accordingly.  But...when you put these to passages (Proverbs 1:8-9 and Deuteronomy 6:5-7)...WOW!  How easy would it be to be a parent if we would simply do what God instructs us to do?  Well, I don't have kids at home anymore, but I don't think that that gives me a license to 'stop' instructing and directing my blessings from God.  I believe that until the day Christ returns or my kids pass on...they will look to me and my husband to glean from the wisdoms that God has revealed to us in all our years.  So, we will continue to learn from God in order to 'teach' and 'direct' our kids.

I pray that God will give you WOW moments like this in your time with Him.

Walking the walk and Talking the talk,


Deane said...

Sissy, I have always loved the way you tell (show) the kids in your Kidz Club (and others) the things they should know. You gave them a great message yesterday. I have always thought, now I know some will think this crazy but if a new Christian (say 50 years or older) would sit in your class and listen and see what you have to say and show they will usually learn faster than when sitting in an adult church to hear the message. Why? Because your message always shows where usually in an adult church they only tell. I am not trying to belittle any pastor it is just that being shown when you first become a Christian will usually stick with a person. I am glad you had a WOW come to you in your own message. Thanks for sharing with us and blessings to you. Love you.

Jenifer Metzger said...

So many teachable moments we, I, let pass by. I want to instruct my kids, teach them about life, love and mostly God. I pray that my eyes are open to each and every moment when I can give them instruction. Great reminder!

Unknown said...

As a loving Father, God instructs us, His children. Then we, as parents, are to instruct our children. I love this and I don't want to miss one moment with my kids. Great post!

Connecting to the soul said...

I agree I'd love to sit in one of your classes Debi, You show and not just tell. It's great!. Yesterday was an aha moment for me as well, but in a different way I blogged about it. But in essence its about how God is alive and active - perfect for your instruction manual theme. Hope you will pop over and read it.

Thank you for your post

Phather Phil Malmstrom said...

Don't you just love those WoW! moments Debi? :-)

What a wonderful connection, and excellent reminder you received! The children in your class are Blessed indeed to have you sharing these truths with them.

Have a Blessed Day!

Debi said...

Yes, Phil...there is something so powerful and special when God gives them to me. I especially like it when I get them from my own sermons! Some people say children's church isn't real church...well, I beg to differ! I figure if I can't be fed by my own sermons, then I can't be fed by anyone elses.